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Solar Energy Is Joining The S&P 500

Tesla made headlines when they joined the S&P 500. Naturally, all the publicity took the attention away from another clean-energy company that’s also entering the S&P 500. The company is called Enphase Energy, Inc. (ENPH). And this company is about to revolutionize the US energy industry.

ENPH is replacing Tiffany & Co (TIF) on the S&P 500, and this solar-power company is establishing itself as the bona fide leader of the solar-energy sector. Founded in 2006, Enphase’s stock has outpaced the S&P 500, the Dow, and the Nasdaq.

This company has been thriving during the pandemic shutdown, reporting Q3 revenues of $178.5 million. The company reported that their total cash reserves now exceeds $661.8 million. Its stock performance is equally impressive. Ever since April, ENPH has been hitting a new all-time high nearly every single month. And the most important thing to keep in mind is that the solar-energy sector hasn’t even taken off yet.

The entire solar industry is still in its infant stage, but not for long. With multiple governments pledging to stop all gas-powered vehicles by 2030, the entire sector is about to take off. And I expect ENPH to lead the world towards a new era, where all our vehicles, electronics, and homes are powered by the sun.

I’ve got my eyes glued to ENPH and this company could easily become the Exxon-Mobil of the next generation. It’s still relatively early to get in and I will be the first one to tell you how to position yourself to profit from the imminent solar-energy revolution.

Trading Tip of the Week…

If there’s one thing that is great about being an options trader – it’s that you can live life on your schedule and trade on your own time. For instance, I like to trade in the morning getting my work day done in the first hour. On the other hand, some traders enjoy trading during the lunch hour.

But regardless, trading allows you to do what’s best for you when it’s best for you.

And there’s something important to learn from that.

When it comes to the holidays, trading schedules suddenly shift. Those who trade early may trade late, those who trade late may trade early, and those you trade daily may no trade at all. And many traders like to use the holiday switch to their advantage.

Here’s a simple breakdown: during this time of year, market makers start rolling their trades “days forward” ahead of the holidays.

When they do this, it causes time decay to affect your positions even more. That’s why time decay is always so important to look out for around every single major holiday. And that’s also why it’s important to keep a close eye on your trades values during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Now, as we head out of this holiday season – we’ll see a shift to a more regulated trading schedule but in the future, this is an important lesson to remember and it’ one that can help you score big while many traders kick off for the holidays.

The only earnings report that has caught my eye in the near year…

2020 has come and gone – but as we head into the new year, we’ve still got some important earnings to watch.

And this week, it’s Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (WBA) is the stock that’s caught my eye.

I’m sure it comes to no surprise to see this name on my list. Given the pandemic, Walgreens had a busy last year. And now, they are set to announce earnings on January 7 and there’s plenty of speculation floating around about how the stock will perform.

Walgreens happens to be the country’s largest drugstore chain and over the last month, has gained 6.65%. And analysts are expecting for that upward momentum to continue. Wall Street will be expecting WBA to post earnings of $1.03 per share. But despite the upward momentum over the last month, the company is still facing a large decline from last year.

If WBA comes in at expectations, that would mark a year-over-year decline of 24.82% – but don’t discount this stock just yet. I think Walgreens is set to continue climbing into the new years – and if you play it right, it could offer up a profitable opportunity.

So, with that said, I’ll be paying extremely close attention to Walgreens earnings and the moment I see WBA present a lucrative opportunity for us, I’ll let you know right away.

So What Should You Do?

Even though the lowering unemployment numbers and gradual re-opening of businesses are all positive signs, I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch.

Like I mentioned above, it’s easy to become overly excited when hearing the latest news reports, without examining every aspect of the markets – or a particular stock, for that matter…

But it can take hours of research to pinpoint the best places to invest your hard-earned money.

That’s why I created my S.C.A.N. trading system – to do all that work for us…

All we have to do is apply its recommendations, then count our profits.

Learn the secret right here.

But That’s Not All…

Another profitable side effect of 2020 has been the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier this year, we were all counting down to the creation of the first one…

But now, there are a few to choose from.

So how does this apply to you (besides the obvious)?

My colleague – investing expert Shah Gilani – has the answers in his newest presentation, where he reveals the best way to play the vaccine race during the new year.

Click right here to view it.

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