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How to Profit Off Disney+’s Latest “Steaming War” Bombshell

The streaming wars…

Disney just stepped up their streaming game.

What’s happening?

When it came to television 20 years ago, your choices were limited. You could opt for satellite or cable. You could visit the local Blockbuster to rent a movie. And if you missed your show, you’d just have to wait until it came on the schedule again.

But these days, it seems as if the options are limitless. And now, the hardest decision you can make is what streaming service you’d like to add to your lineup. And streaming services are heating up the competition for your attention – bringing new offers, new shows, and new exclusive perks for their customers.

Where’s the money?

Disney + was the first to throw down the “streaming wars” gauntlet. In reality, I should probably say they blew the lid off of it. In an announcement last week, the streaming app announced that it would be adding some exclusive new content to its platform while simultaneously revealing some mind-blowing subscriber numbers and forecasts.

Subscribers of Disney+ will have roughly ten new series from Marvel and Star Wars alongside a vast library of other new content. Disney plans on spending between $14 billion and $16 billion across the board to make all those shows and movies.

And I’m sure in the near future; we’ll see other companies stepping forward with exciting content and new features. But if I’m honest, I think Disney’s new stream of content will be hard to beat – and there’s no doubt that the excitement from consumers it has received will be hard to match as well.

Here’s what that means for you…

How do I get some?

Let’s just look at this logically – the hype around streaming probably isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. Especially with lockdowns ramping back up across the states – consumers will find themselves with a lot of extra free time. And streaming services tend to be one of the best ways to cure that boredom these days.

And with Disney doing everything right – from exclusive documentaries about some of the world’s most famous singers to Broadway plays, and now new and exciting content for some of its largest franchises, I believe that it will only continue to grow from here.

Now, the Disney stock is currently sitting on a 52-week high so,I wouldn’t jump right in. Instead, look to buy this powerful name on any and all pullbacks. I believe that by capitalizing on a price slip, you’ll be able to get the most for your money with ease..

In the Spotlight: Let’s talk jobs numbers…

It’s Friday, which means it’s officially time to look into last week’s jobs numbers. And it’s another week of disappointing reports. Jobless claims rose, once again – and to no surprise, as pandemic lockdown procedures have made a comeback. On top of this, lawmakers are still struggling to come to an agreement regarding government aid.

The number of first-time unemployment-benefits filers totaled 885,000 in the week ending December 12, the most since the week of September 5. And this was a big jump from what economists had predicted as they were expecting initial claims to fall to 808,000.

In all, 20.6 million Americans were receiving some kind of unemployment benefits. Lindsey Pegza, the chief economist, hit the nail on the head when she said…

” These numbers really highlight the fragility of the labor market, particularly now as the second resurgence of the coronavirus is leading to further business closures and additional job losses. “

And I think this jump in numbers indeed shows the disconnect the economy is having from the economy. Now, with that said, I think it’s vital that we keep a close eye on these numbers as Covid cases continue to climb. And I’ll be sure to keep you updated as these numbers continue to adjust to the world’s new “normal. ”

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