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The Easiest Way to Profit Off The New “WFH” World

The outlook of the professional world…

Remote work is here to stay.

What’s happening?

Upwork is an American freelancing platform that helps connect individuals with businesses needing their services. The company recently decided to dig into the professional world’s future by conducting a survey which they dubbed “Future of Workforce Pulse Report. “

In this survey, Upwork surveyed small business owners, HR managers, and CEOs across the country, all in different industries. The survey revealed that by 2025, 36.2 million Americans would be working remotely. That’s an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels.

This number proved that even in a post-covid environment, there’s a new normal in the professional world. And employees are happy with the shift citing that remote work gets easier as businesses adapt to the new model. And this is good news for businesses seeing that happy employees are typically more productive.

But here’s the thing – this shift to a remote environment is more significant than you think. In fact, it could impact your portfolio in a big way. So, here’s a closer look at the survey numbers.

Where’s the money?

Well, there’s one thing for sure – as businesses adapt and learn from this remote work environment, many are altering their long-term plans to accommodate this way of working. The survey revealed that only 5% of the survey respondents said remote work was becoming more difficult, making sense given the learning curve many businesses had to face. This tells me that companies and employees alike are putting time and effort into the transition, making it much easier to be a long-term commitment.

On top of this, nine months into the pandemic, 41.8% of the American workforce remains fully remote. 26.7% of managers believe that the workforce would be fully remote in one year. And 68% of hiring managers say remote work is going more smoothly now than when their company first made the shift at the start of the pandemic. These positive numbers speak to

So, needless to say, remote working isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. And you should be glad – because the profit opportunities that this new structure offers are unmatched.

Here’s what I mean…

How do I get some?

With this survey data, I think it’s clear that the work from home environment the pandemic has created isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And I believe this decision will have many positive effects, including leaving employees happier leading to more productivity. So, really it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

And I’m sure it’s no surprise when I say that stay-at-home stocks have been on fire over the last year. From cloud services to communication apps – investors, much like businesses, have adjusted their trading strategy to adapt to the times. And while there’s plenty of big names out there – my favorite stay at home stock happens to be Zoom.

Zoom had exploded over the last year, and I believe it will continue to grow and expand as it is the best video platform out there. And here’s a quick way to play it.

I’m bullish on Zoom, no doubt. So I’m looking to sell puts on this popular application. If you agree, I like the ZM March 19 2021, $380 Puts. These puts show an excellent possibility for profit – especially if you can get them for $38.50 or less. By adding this put to your lineup – I believe you’re setting yourself for a big win. And then, you can cash in on the professional world’s shift. Simple and easy.

In the Spotlight: Be sure to reserve your seat at Wall Streets’ only free lunch of the year…

Around this time of year, the market is infamously known for slowing down. But there’s another phenomenon that happens that many never notice. And that’s an uptick in yearly market trends that allow you to score big if you play them right. For instance, just last week, we welcomed the Santa Claus rally with open arms and prepared for the push in momentum. And just like that, we’ve seen the market move higher and higher this week. But the Santa Claus rally isn’t the only significant event that happens during the most wonderful time of the year.

And the next lucrative market trend is happening this Friday.

It’s an event that only happens once a year, but it’s something you don’t want to miss because Wall Street doesn’t offer a chance for easy money every day. The concept is referred to as the “The Only Free Lunch on Wall Street.” And without fail, it happens every single year.

Here’s a simple breakdown…

Around this time of year, investors tend to trim their portfolio down, getting rid of losers near year-end for tax purposes. Most investors don’t want to stick around for the last few dollars or cents in a trade. And they may have already made a nice size profit from this trade. Regardless of their reasoning, though, we usually investors emptying some large positions in the stock. In return, we also see those names getting hammered down – at times becoming some of the market’s biggest losers.

You might be wondering, AK, why would I care about some beaten-down stocks? Especially in such a bullish year. But as with most things, not everything is what it seems when it comes to the stock market.

But these beaten-down names happen to be some of the most profitable names out there – if you know how to play them right. Now, over the next day or so, I’ll be revealing more about this powerful trend. And then, on Friday, I’ll be hosting an exclusive live trading session over at 1450 Club research service, where I’ll be revealing my picks but also my unique strategy to play this yearly market event for potentially the most cash.

And I want you to be a part of the action.

With that said, the seats at the table are filling up fast, so I wanted to ensure I offered you a spot before we’re full.

So, click here to secure your slot.

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