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Here’s Why Lowe’s is My Standout Stock – And How You Can Profit Off Its High Expectations

The impressive story of Lowe’s…
This home improvement retailer has high expectations and plans to fulfill them.

What’s happening?
We’ve talked about it a few times here, but one unsurprising side effect of the pandemic has been an unprecedented boom in the real estate and home construction business. In turn, retail stores specializing in home improvement have seen steady growth online and via foot traffic. And Lowe’s is one of the names leading the sector.

In a recent announcement, Lowe’s announced that it expects its sales to grow by about 22% next year. On top of this, same-store sales are expected to rise by about 23% in the same period. But these impressive numbers aren’t the only thing that caught my eye. You see, during this announcement, Lowe’s also expressed a clear and well-thought-out plan to achieve these numbers. Here’s the rundown…

Where’s the money?

In the recent investors meeting, Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison said that the company has a “total home” strategy to work off as it expands the types of products it offers consumers. This will include items for both homeowners and home professionals. From kitchen appliances to home décor – there will be something for everyone. The company is also actively working to offer a better customer experience both online and in-store as well.

And this company isn’t sitting back and waiting either. In fact, they’ve already rolled out a good size list of improvements, including a loyalty program that will attract home professionals such as electricians and contractors. It has also overhauled its website, making it easier to navigate and allowing it to support more traffic. As far as in-store, it has also built out a curbside pick as well as in-store lockers, which will enable consumers to order online and quickly retrieve their products.

How do I get some?

This isn’t the first wave of good news that has come from this sector – but as I said earlier, Lowe’s bringing a reliable and well thought out plan is why I’m so excited about this stock’s future. And this positive outlook is supported by a successful year as well, including incredible sales and numbers posted throughout 2020.

And I don’t see that trend slowing down anytime soon.

We have a new economy in front of us, and anything linked to data, home sales, and e-commerce has been on fire. And despite a vaccine coming forth – I believe this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. So, this current situation is one where you can say: the trend is your friend. I believe if you stick with the trend and buy Lowe’s on any pullback, you’ll find quick and easy profits coming your way.

In the Spotlight: The most wonderful time of the (trading) year is here…

I know 2020 has offered much of that, but it got me to thinking – and I realized one of my favorite market trends is starting, and I knew it was the perfect opportunity for you to find that stable ground you’ve been craving.

I call it the Santa Claus rally – and it happens every year, without fail. And unlike most things in 2020, I believe this year will be no different. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we will see in the weeks to come…

Towards the end of the year, without fail, we see a rush of volume into the market. Blame it on Wall Street optimism or the aftermath of holiday bonuses – either way, the market heats up. And while many try to chase the herd, it’s proven that stocks that have been up most of the year will rally. And those that have been down will continue to be sold.

There’s actually a simple explanation for this. In case you don’t know, hedge fund managers only have to report their books quarterly – meaning only four times a year. So, typically, you will see these hedge fund managers moving into bullish stocks to make their portfolio look even stronger heading into the next year.

And you might be wondering, AK – what does some fancy hedge fund manager on Wall Street have to do with my portfolio? But in reality, it has everything to do with your next profit. Because you can play this rush of institutional money to your advantage, and on Friday, I’ll be doing an exclusive 1450 Club bonus live trading session showing you how you can do just that.

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