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How to Score Big on Amazon’s Recent Jump in to The “Pharmacy Delivery” Business

In the news again…

Amazon made another big announcement.

What’s happening?

While brick and mortar retail shrinks, the e-commerce world continues to thrive. And the leader of the e-commerce sector continues to grow, taking over industries you would never expect. That leader? Amazon. And its latest announcement might surprise you.

Amazon is making its biggest leap into the multi-billion-dollar health care industry with the launch of Amazon Pharmacy, a new digital drugstore. And this digital experience couldn’t come at a better time. With so many Americans staying home due to the pandemic, eliminated and simplifying day-to-day errands is a big win for any company.

Here’s the breakdown of the new service…

Where’s the money?

This service is strictly U.S. based and became available to customers earlier this week. And the service works just like a traditional drugstore – except it comes packed with special perks for Prime members. Amazon Pharmacy will accept most major insurances, and it also comes with the same fast shipping you know and loves – with a two-day delivery guarantee.

On top of this, there’s also a savings benefit plan for those who don’t have insurance or don’t want to pay with their plans. The pharmacy is offering an 80% discount on generic medications and 40% off brand names. In the announcement, the company said its new service makes it “simple for customers to compare prices and purchase medications for home delivery,” celebrating that something as annoying as running to the pharmacy is “as convenient as any other purchase” on Amazon now.

How do I get some?

Amazon continues to grow and compete against other companies. And while the landscape of the economy and sectors change – one thing never does – Amazon always wins. On top of this, whomever the e-commerce giant competes against always takes a massive hit as well.

For instance, we saw CVS and Walgreens bother getting crushed on the heels of this announcement. Both of these companies pride themselves on their fast and easy pharmacy experience. But now, amidst a pandemic – consumers no longer have to leave their homes. And that’s something CVS and Walgreens just can’t currently provide.

And that’s why as always, Amazon is a buy for me. The company is continually growing and evolving and branching into new industries. This growth is typically successful – from streaming platforms to grocery delivery – Amazon has found a way to capitalize on almost every need we as a consumer have.

So, with that said, I’d be looking to buy Amazon on any pullback. This company is nowhere near done with its expansion plans – and you can cash in on them.

In the spotlight: Another vaccine update…

We see more good news for the Covid-19 vaccine front. AND Pfizer is the name in the headlines once again. Following Moderna’s announcement, which showed a more effective vaccine than Pfizer, the company released a final data analysis showing 95% effectiveness in preventing Covid-19.

The vaccine, called BNT162b2, proved to be highly effective against the virus 28 days after the first dose, and its effectiveness was consistent across all ages, races, and ethnicities. Additionally, the elderly, who happens to be the most at risk with Covid, saw vaccine effectiveness of more than 94%, the company said.

The final analysis broken down looked like this: 170 confirmed Covid infections among the late-stage trial’s 43,000 participants. 162 cases of Covid were found in the placebo group versus eight cases observed in the group that received its two-dose vaccine. This is good news for not only Pfizer but the economy as well.

And the stock is feeling this upward momentum as well and is currently climbing upward as I type. So, like I said yesterday, Pfizer is still my favorite for betting on the vaccine – and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story continues to develop.

A Good Problem to Have…

With both leaders in the Covid-19 vaccine race now reporting even better results than originally presented, this is incredible news!

While Pfizer remains my pick to win, there are still many ways to score serious profits from this entire situation as a whole.

Tech investing expert Michael Robinson gives the full story right here.

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