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How I Plan to Play Apple’s Mysterious “One More Thing” Announcement

Apple is back for more…

The company just announced another exciting event.

What’s happening?

Every year, Apple host a launch event. It’s one of the most anticipated days of the year in the tech and investing worlds. And while this year’s launch event looked a little different than the past, as the company had to shift to a virtual venue due to the pandemic, the anticipation was alive and well. And Apple saw an excellent response to the event, and sales for the iPhone 12 skyrocketed, and the company saw a nice boost in revenue.

But it seems like Apple isn’t done. And now, the company has announced a second launch day, happening on November 10. An invite sent to reporters was simply titled “One More Thing,” a line Apple often deploys at the end of big events to debut a surprise product.

Where’s the money?

These invite got the world buzzing. Especially seeing there were no other hints regarding what the tech giant plans to reveal. But that isn’t stopping people from speculating that this” one more thing “might be something Apple has previously teased but hasn’t released.

At its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple announced it would soon start using its silicon chips in its Mac computer lineup, switching away from the ones made by Intel that the devices have used for years. Apple said the first Macs with the new chips would begin hitting the market by the end of this year. The ARM-based chips that Apple designs in-house will help provide better battery life and more seamless integration across devices.

2020 has already been a big year for Apple as it has rolled out four new iPhone 12 models, a lower-cost iPhone SE, new iPads, a MacBook, and two new watch models. So, if these predictions are correct, it really could be a giant leap for the company.

But here’s how I plan to play it (and I promise it’s not how you think)…

How do I get some?

While the hype around Apple’s events is always immense, the reality is that the stock actually sells off following the excitement. And this is because typically, Launch Day leaves investors and tech gurus feelings disappointed.

And even with the speculation that Apple could be introducing the highly anticipated chips, I’m not one to trade off hope and speculation. This is why I won’t be chasing Apple’s stock like we were seeing many investors doing right now. Instead, I’m going to kick back and wait to see what the event could bring. And while I wait – I’ll also be cashing in on the impact of Apple’s latest announcement.

I plan to do this by looking to buy put spreads in not only Apple but also INTC. I believe leading up to the event; we’ll see INTC negatively impacted by Apple’s speculation bringing its chips to market. Following the event, we’ll see Apple move lower due to investor disappointment. But there’s no need for you to be disappointed because you can take that fast cash right to the bank.

Simple and easy.

In the spotlight: About that historic IPO…

Recently, we talked about the Ant Group’s IPO, which was predicted to be the largest initial public offering in history. The IPO was gearing up to raise nearly $34.5 billion. But it looks like that IPO has been cut short after it had been suspended in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Ant Group’s controller Jack Ma, executive chairman Eric Jing, and Ceo Simon Hu were called on and interviewed by regulators in China. Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges made the announcement yesterday, leading Alibaba, which owns a roughly 33% stake in Ant Group, saw its shares fall over 8% immediately after.

It was explained the company reported significant issues. This included the changes in the financial technology regulatory environment, which could result in the company not meeting the conditions for listing or meeting the information disclosure requirements.

As a result, the Shanghai Stock Exchange decided to suspend its listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Better know was the STAR Market. This is China’s Nasdaq-style, tech-driven market – making this suspension a massive hit for ANT. Following shortly after, the news broke that the listing would be suspended in Hong Kong as well.

And I think this story presents an essential lesson for us as investors. As I always say, I will never chase an IPO until I know more about it, and this is an excellent example of why. You just never know what will happen. With that said, I will be interested to see what the Ant Group’s next move will be and to see if they can rise from the ashes of this failed IPO. And I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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