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Apple Could Enter the World of 5G Today – Here’s How to Play It

This could change the cell phone game…

Apple is set to host its most significant event of the year today.

What’s happening?

Todays the day. Apple is set to hold the most significant iPhone, even in years.

In the past years, Apple typically hosts this even in September, allowing the new iPhone to go on sale shortly after that. But it should come as no surprise that this year is different. Thanks to Covid-19, many electronic manufacturers have been disrupted, and the company could not stick to their regular schedule.

The manufacturing delays doubled with the “work from home” environment its employees faced – Apple released the newest Apple Watch last month and pushed the iPhone to October.

Where’s the money?

Despite the late start, this year’s iPhone launch will be an important one. The newest iPhone is expected to be the first major exterior redesign since 2017 when Apple released the iPhone X, which hosted facial recognition.

The newest iPhone will feature iPad-like edges, sporting flatter sides instead of the iPhone’s curved sides that you are used to. Consumers expect Apple to release four different iPhones at different screen sizes and prices – offering a much more comprehensive range than in the past.

But what everyone is waiting for is the announcement that at least some of the new iPhones will support 5G cellular networks. This will help with fast downloads and better streaming possibilities. at least some new iPhones will support 5G cellular networks, which promise faster download times

And investors are watching closely as well – looking for an opportunity to ride these announcements straight to profits. Here’s what I have to say…

How do I get some?

Apple has been facing selling pressure lately, selling off from the highs of $138 back to $122.45. But with the new announcement, I could see the energy coming back to the stock, especially with 5G capability talks.

In reality, 5G will be a game-changer for not only Apple but also the mobile world. It’s been in the talks for a while – better, faster, and more accessible – but there was no progress with each passing year. And now, we’re seeing something that could move the needle going forward. This announcement will be the biggest thing to happen to Apple in years.

But just because we’re expecting big things from this upcoming event doesn’t mean you should dive headfirst into your investment. In fact, if you’re looking to ride the positive outcome of this announcement – I would buy Apple but wait until you see a pullback. On top of that, I wouldn’t look to get long into the announcement. This strategy allows you to set yourself up for profits, all while protecting your bottom dollar.

In the spotlight: We’re looking at another pandemic victim…

B&B Theatres is the sixth-largest cinema chain in the U.S., And this iconic company has been operating for nearly a century – impressive.

Its owners aren’t sure how much longer its long-winded run will last, though, as the company is months away from filing for bankruptcy protection. The family-owned business has 48 theaters in eight states and was forced to close the doors of each and every location as the pandemic tightened its grip back in March. And only a handful of the company’s locations were able to reopen in June – but for most locations – they didn’t see a ticket sold until August.

But the closed doors are only one item on the long list of problems caused by the pandemic. B&B theaters were unable to pay rent, and the months of empty theaters led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs for the projectors due to them being unused. The company is now looking at a lackluster movie season ahead as major blockbusters are being pushed back till next year.

The bankruptcy could be coming in just a few months if nothing changes. And this bleak future is a reminder of how strong the impact of the pandemic is. It’s also a reminder of why we are so careful with our current investments because the future continues to be uncertain.

This Checks All of the Boxes…

When I research the next big profit opportunity, I look for the companies that are blazing a trail in their respective industry – revolutionizing products, delivery methods, and company structure, among other things.

Apple has certainly met all of these criteria since their inception, and continue to perfect their business with new product launches like the one mentioned above.

And its events like these that continue to keep Apple in the crosshairs of my S.C.A.N. trading algorithm.

But that’s just one of the stocks that’s been tripping S.C.A.N.’s filters lately.

I want to show you the rest, right here.

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