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How You Can Cash in On the “2020 Deal Wave”

A shocking statistic…

In a twist of fate, we saw a record-breaking last three months.

What’s happening?

We’re more than seven months into the global pandemic, and we still see a ton of uncertainty in the world. But this uncertainty hasn’t slowed down the constant stream of large deals, mergers, and acquisitions.

These deals have provided the heartbeat for the economy and have pushed the stock market on its long-term bullish run we’ve been seeing.

Now, let’s take a close look at the details…

Where’s the money?

Between July and September, we’ve seen 37 deals worth over $5 billion have been signed. This wave of 2020 deals has equated to $496 billion. And when you look at the deal count and the deal value, that’s the best performance we’ve seen since the 1970s. Unexpected, right?

September was the crowning jewel – boasting the busiest month of the period. We saw a 107% increase in logging when compared to last year.

By far, September was the busiest month of the period, logging a 107% increase over the same month in 2019. We saw a slower spring, as the COVID uncertainty was at its highest point – so many businesses, fueled by nerves, took a step back, conserving cash.

As lockdowns began to lift, we saw companies growing more confident, and deals started to be made, and we saw a historic wave of closures happening – boosting the economy.

How do I get some?

Though it might seem like a weird trend, right now happens to be an excellent time for a merger or a new acquisition. And that’s because sitting on cash right now isn’t productive for anyone – so, deals and keeping money is what makes sense.

And truthfully, there’s still plenty of time left in the year for new even more deals to happen, and I see this trend continuing. And that’s why I’ve got my eye on my “favorite candidate,” which happens to be FEYE. With that said, I also have my eye on the cybersecurity space as I could see a good amount of deals growing from this sector as well.

In the spotlight: Theaters are shutting their doors – again.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – trading on the news will get you nowhere – especially right now. And the fall of AMC Entertainment’s stock fall proves it.

Earlier this year, we saw movie theatres across the country close their doors thanks to the COVID lockdowns. But that came to an end for AMC recently. The well-known movie theatre chain decided to close its theaters once again due to the disappointing box-office results and more postponed highly anticipated movies.

This decision was made after the announcement that “No Time to Die” – the newest James Bond movie, would be put on hold until April 2021. The closures will be coming this week, and doors will remain closed for two months or more. This was unfortunate news for the stock and those who rushed to invest in it once the reopening news broke.

With that said, there’s a lesson to be learned from this current situation – don’t chase the news. When it comes to volatile times like we’re seeing, the most important thing you can do is plan your trade and trade your plan.

Slow Recovery or Not…

There are still under-the-radar opportunities for massive profits out there.

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