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How You Can Get Your Hands on The Market’s Hottest Stock for 1/5 The Price

This stock is about to become a lot more affordable…

Another big name has decided to make it’s more accessible to the everyday investor.

What’s happening?

Tesla has had an impressive run. Despite many analysts calling for its downfall, the electric car stock has continued to thrive, hit new all-time highs, and continues to climb daily. In fact, shares have more than quadrupled since March – closing above $1,600 at one point.

Tesla has been a favorite stock for those who are day traders and some retail traders for a while. For instance, just last month, Robinhood disclosed that almost 40,000 active account holders had added shares of the carmaker in a four-hour time frame.

And it’s not just Tesla feeling this surged. Investors are interested in the electric car industry. But Tesla is the only one on the radar to be added to the S&P 500. If this happens, it will make Tesla a “must-buy” for mutual and exchange-traded funds that track the index.

Where’s the money?

Tesla is the apple of many investor’s eyes. But with its high price tag, it can almost seem unreachable – especially seeing it continues to climb daily. But the company made a recent announcement, and the goal is to make the stock more accessible to the everyday investor.

Following the news that it had officially become the world’s most valuable automaker – Tesla revealed that it would be doing a 5-for-1 split. What this means is that on August 21, each stockholder will receive a dividend of four additional shares of stock for each one they own.
After this announcement, the stock surged 9.3% as investors rushed to get a piece of the electric car maker ahead of the split.

And here’s what I think you should be doing…

How can I get some?

I think splitting stock is the best thing TSLA could have done.

Truthfully, every single stock worth over $400 should do a stock split to get their price under $100. Because while the market capitalization is the same – retail investors see a smaller price tag, making it possible for them to own a piece of the company.

And it’s proven that in many cases after a stock splits – the stock moves higher thanks to an influx of interest due to the cheaper price tag

So, Tesla, I tip my hat to you.

With that said, I always see the world’s electric car maker as a buy. And with this announcement, I believe we’re just going to see more and more investors running to get their piece. So, I’m giving Tesla the green light for purchase.
This is a stock you don’t want to miss.

In the spotlight: The race to a vaccine

There have been talks surrounding the Coronavirus vaccine for months. And it seems like daily, a new company is throwing their hat in the ring promising to produce a vaccine in the near future. But the latest announcement has investors taking the bait.

President Trump announced that the U.S. government has officially reached a deal to purchase 100 million doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine candidate. Moderna then announced that the deal is worth a whopping $1.53 billion. This deal also opens the door for the government to purchase up to 400 million additional candidates if they see fit.

Following this, Moderna stock spiked 10%.

Moderna is one of several companies working tirelessly to bring forth a vaccine “at risk,” as the industry calls it. What this means is the company is making a vaccine before it has received approval. Clinical trials are currently underway to test whether it’s safe and effective.
With this said, Moderna is officially on my watch list. This is a company that I believe could deliver a massive profit opportunity seeing that the government is pushing for a vaccine by the end of the year. So, keep a close eye on this stock – and as always, I’ll be keeping you updated.

Speaking of Updates…

I wanted to provide you a quick one about the incredible month my Project 303 readers and I are having…

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