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How You Can Profit Off Amazon’s “Retail Apocalypse” Expansion Plan

AMZN is growing…

Amazon is looking to make a deal with big department store names.

What’s happening?

It’s been a conversation for years. Once one of the biggest businesses in the game, malls have slowly become a graveyard of what once was. Many have been abandoned, others are packed with “store closing” signs, and others struggle to keep the doors open on their remaining stores.

“The death of retail” narrative has been one that many have feared and discussed for years. And as more malls lose retailers, they’re looking for cash-rich tenants to replace their bankrupt stores.

And Amazon is looking to fill those shows. The online retailer is looking to replace closed department stores.

Where’s the money?

Currently, Amazon is in talks with Simon Property Group (SPG), the largest mall owner in the United States, to convert former or current JCPenny and Sears department stores into distribution hubs. These spaces would be used to help speed up deliveries and improves Amazon’s business structure.

JCPenny and Sears filed bankruptcy over the last few years and are closing hundreds of stores. Simon Malls have 63 JCPenny and 11 Sears stores – giving Amazon the possibility of a large amount of acreage to expand their empire.

And I believe that this possible partnership could pay out big. Here’s how you can get your piece…

How can I get some?

To no surprise, Amazon’s world domination continues. And as we all know, as the e-commerce space grows, the brick and mortar retail space shrink and struggles. So, I’m sure it goes without saying – but AMZN picking up these closing department stores could be the answer SPG is looking for.

And AMZN also wins big in this transaction – allowing it to grow even more and simplify their one-day shipping policy.

Amazon happens to be one of my favorite investments as well – so, with this recent news, I believe that Amazon has become an even bigger “buy” signal. But it’s not the only stock that I think could deliver profits thanks to this expansion,

As department stores shift to serve the e-commerce side of things, I think another big retail name will follow Sears and JCPenny’s footsteps. That retailer? Macy’s. I believe that Macy’s would be a perfect fit for Amazon to buy in its warehouse expansion plan.

And I think that makes Macy’s a buy – and if you go now, you’ll get ahead of the herds trying to get their piece if this deal happens.

In the spotlight: NLOK is bouncing back

We’ve talked about Nikola (NLOK) here a lot. And for a good reason – the electric car industry is the future of the automotive sector. But even the most promising stocks hit bumps in the road. And after a hot streak for this company’s stock, it’s latest earnings report sent the stock tumbling following some significant reported losses.

But you can’t hold a good stock down.

And this morning, the company confirmed that it had received an order of thousands of all-electric refuse trucks of Republic Services, sending the stock surging 22%. Broken down, the order includes 2,500 electric chassis with the possibility of increasing the order up to 5,000 units. TNLOK is expecting testing of the trucks to happen in 2022 and deliveries to hit in 2023.

NLOK expects the truck to offer 150 miles fully charged and is said to outperform current diesel and natural gas alternatives.

This order is good news for NLOK as republic services have a long time standing order history with a handful of other companies. So, this large order is a big win for this startup company.

With that said, I am looking forward to seeing where this influx of orders can take NLOK, and I’ll be keeping you updated as the opportunities grow.

One last thing…

As we talked about earlier, SPG is yet another one in the long list of companies who’s had to make major adjustments in a post-Covid-19 world.

If you told me months ago that I’d be keeping an interested eye on a mall owner, I would’ve thought you were crazy!

But that’s the beauty of my S.C.A.N. trading system…

It’s immune to news headlines and commentary from all the biggest pundits, and only examines the hard data points when selecting the best profit opportunities.

For the year, my Project 303 readers and I have used this system’s recommendations to score average profits of over 41% on all closed positions, with even more in the S.C.A.N. system’s crosshairs.

I urge you to click here now before the next one is released.

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