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How to Profit Off This Cellular “Underdog’s” 253,000 New Subscribers

T-Mobile just moved ahead…

The telecommunications industry is a competitive one. And it seems every week; companies; companies are pitching new deals, new technology, and new packages to entice customers. And it looks like T-Mobile did something right because it just moved up in the race.

Recently-Mobile earnings and they revealed a shocking number.

The company reported that it added more monthly phone subscribers than expected in the second quarter and announced that it has officially overtaken AT&T as the second-largest wireless provider in the United States.

And the numbers look good. T-Mobile added 253,000 net new phone subscribers who pay a monthly bill. Analysts had expected 169,200

This uptick in subscribers was a breath of fresh air for investors as in April, T-Mobile and Sprint merged. This was the first earnings report that the merged company has reported together.

T-Mobile has paid off for me in the past, and with these substantial numbers, I’m keeping a close eye on this stock for a short-term play on this recent success.

Trading tip of the week…

My tip of the week?

Time Decay is a real thing.

You can think about time decay the same way you think about your car insurance.

Say you go on vacation and you have to leave your car parked at home. Even though you won’t be using the vehicle, you can’t “pause” your insurance. Well, it’s the same with options. When you are long an out-of-the-money option, and the stock does not move, the options go down in value.

And that’s why it’s essential to keep an eye on this piece of your options trade. In fact, time decay is so strong; I unloaded most of my August positions this week as I knew that time decay was becoming stronger with every passing day.

This is why I always advise new traders to keep their portfolio and expiration dates manageable to ensure they can protect their bottom dollar.

The earnings report that has caught my eye:

It’s another week of earnings reports.

And I know you don’t have time to be sifting through all the numbers and news.

So, here’s the one I’ll be focusing on, and I think you should too:

JOYY Inc. (YY).

This company is no stranger to my portfolio – and it’s been one of my favorite stocks to cash in on lately. And it’s set to release earnings on Wednesday, August 12.

Now, YY is a Chinese video-based social media platform, and currently, it has over 300 million active users. But it’s not like your everyday social media platform. It pays you to be active. YY has a virtual currency that users can earn by interacting with the platform. From karaoke to creating tutorial

– YY will reward you with the digital currency, which can later be converted into cold hard cash.

With that said, many expect the stock to shine during its earnings report, and so am I. So, I will be keeping a close eye on this report, and when I pinpoint the perfect profit opportunity, you’ll be the first to know.

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