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This Stock Will Be The Leader of The Telehealth Industry – Get in Now

Telehealth is the new frontier…

As the pandemic continues, a new way to visit your doctor is becoming more popular.

What’s happening?

Even before the pandemic, telehealth was becoming more and more popular. And it makes sense seeing that the everyday American typically has a jam-packed schedule that they’d rather not rearrange for a doctor’s appointment.

But many still wondered if it was a viable long-term solution.

Then after coronavirus began spreading in the United States, telehealth patient rates shot up in response, with some health systems reporting a shocking 4,000% increase in appointment numbers for virtual care.

And now, the question has stopped being, “Is this viable?” and is now, “How can we improve it?”

Where’s the money?

Well, the newest merger between two companies is looking to answer that question.

Teladoc Health Inc. and Livongo Health Inc. have officially agreed to merge in a deal valued at $18.5 billion. This deal aims to create a company that can serve various spectrums of health needs using virtual care. That will create a company that can serve a range of health needs using virtual care.

Teladoc has been a leader in virtual health for years, while Livongo brings the power of hardware and software knowledge – specifically software used to monitor and manage chronic conditions.

This deal is a huge step forward for the advancement of telehealth. And I have to give props to these two companies for their timing has telemedicine becomes more and more necessary with the current state of the nation.

And I’m seeing an opportunity growing-and you don’t want to miss it.

Here’s what I mean…

How can I get some?

Even before the merger, telehealth had proven itself a viable industry.  But the TDOC merger shows us that telemedicine is not only here to stay but also the future of medicine.

And if we’ve learned anything from the past few months, tools and companies that allow you to stay at home are here to stay – and not just for today but the foreseeable future. That’s why I see TDOC and any “stay at home” company as a safe investing opportunity.

So, with that said, I’ll be looking to get long in TDOC and profit off the “new frontier” of the health service industry.

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In the spotlight: A new week brings new job numbers

It’s time once again to take a closer look at this week’s job numbers.

The last two reports have left many feeling somewhat defeated. And this is because we have seen a trend of initial claims increasing. This increase surprised many as we had seen a constant decrease since the last week of March.

As you can guess, an increase in jobless claims isn’t ideal for a labor market, desperately trying to find stable ground.

But last week’s report brought hope back into the heartbeat of America.

After a grim prediction by economists – calling for 1.42 million claims last week – many were surprised and relieved to see a total of 1.186 million. The last time we saw the claim numbers, this low was March 14 – just as the lockdown procedures had been solidified – shutting down the economy.

The market’s reacted positively to this news, and many are hoping this downtrend continues as the economic recovery slowly moves forward.

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