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Before You Invest in Gold – Read This

Gold is the new protective play

As interest rates falter and the dollar weakens, investors are rushing to invest in gold.

What’s happening?

While the pandemic tightens its grip on the U.S. economy – many investors have rushed to find a “safe haven” in the investing world. And it seems that many feel as if they’ve finally found what they are looking for in gold.

Gold prices hit all-time highs on Monday, hitting $1,944 per ounce on Monday. This impressive number beat its previous record of $1,921, which was set in 2011. And with this new record, gold has now gained about 27% so far this year.

And many are saying that this record run is not over yet. Many analysts are calling for cold to reach $2,00 before the end of 2020. And the reason why is simple: with lowering U.S. interest rates, a weakening dollar, and tensions between the United States and China – for many gold is the obvious answer.

Where’s the money?

Gold isn’t alone in this upward climb- other metals, including silver – have seen a steady uptick in price in response to the pandemic. Silver climbed more than 6% to reach $24.21 an ounce, passing Thursday’s seven-year high. And holdings in gold-backed exchange-traded funds have beaten all-time highs as-well. Breaking records nearly every month since late last year and interest this year have topped the record annual total set in 2009.

Seems like an obvious buy, huh?

But don’t act too fast. Even when it comes to a booming sector like gold – there’s a right and wrong way to play it.

And here’s how you can set yourself up for success…

How can I get some?

There’s no denying gold is an excellent protective play in this current climate. But when we see new all-time highs daily – even the most sensible investment can hurt your bottom dollar.

We’re seeing money being printed left and right, trying to protect the hemorrhaging economy. But as money is printed, and the dollar weakens, gold is proving to be the ultimate supply and demand curve. With all this said, I wouldn’t buy gold on a run-up as we see now.

Instead, I will be waiting for a pullback on gold or any of the miners. Because you never want to jump into an investment at its peak. And as we’ve learned in 2020 – anything is possible. Now, this could quickly shift, but for now, I believe the only way to play gold is flat and long.

Speaking of Safety…

In order to protect your wealth, you don’t need to run to the sidelines and wait out market volatility…

You just have to know where to look.

It’s easy to get scared away from trading and investing during times like these, but you can not only minimize losses – you can also turn that market turbulence into cash in your pocket…

The S.C.A.N. trading system I use in my new Project 303 service filters through millions of data points to find the best profit opportunities regardless of economic conditions.

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In the Spotlight: The big four are stepping up to the plate

It’s that time of the year – the biggest names in the tech sector are officially slated to report earnings this week.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook are set to report second-quarter earnings within 24 hours of one another on Wednesday and Thursday. And that’s just part of the busy lineup that this week holds – 180 other companies are on the schedule to reveal their earnings as well.

But focusing on the tech lineup this week, these big names combine to make more than $5 trillion in market value. And many are awaiting these numbers to shed some light on what the future of the market could be.

Now, many are calling for these industry leaders to beat expectations as many stocks have this earnings season – but if we’ve learned anything from this year, we can never be too sure when it comes to this market.

So, I’ll be keeping a close eye on these numbers, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as well.


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