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How You Can Score 242% on The “Green Wave”

Renewable energy: the new (investing) frontier

As renewable energy becomes more and more popular, companies are eyeing to monopolize the industry.

What’s happening?

Sunrun is the nation’s largest residential solar company in America. But that’s not enough – it wants to continue to grow. And earlier this week, it announced that it would be acquiring its leading competitor, Vivent Solar, in hoped to form one of the world’s largest solar equipment providers.

The all-stock deal is valued at $3.2 billion. And if it goes through, it would create a company boasting around 500,000 customers. Sunrun and Vivint have remained leaders in the industry for years, along with Tesla. But with these two companies merging, it could be Tesla far behind in the solar race.

With only 3% of American homes equipped with solar panels – the two companies expect to see some significant growth as the push for a greener world becomes stronger and stronger.

Where’s the money?

Clean energy initiatives seem to be happening everywhere we look, so there’s no denying that renewable energy is the future. It would make sense to invest in the renewable energy industry because truthfully, it can only grow.

Here’s the thing, though: you want to be careful with what you invest in. We see new companies daily throwing their hat in the ring, trying to get a piece of the “green” wave hitting the world. And it’s apparent investors have their eyes on this newest acquisition. Two powerhouses are joining forces, and it only makes sense that many would see the possibilities for some fast cash.

But I’ve got my eye on a different, smaller company.

Here’s what I mean…

How can I get some?

It’s easy to get distracted by big, news-making headlines… like the billion-dollar solar energy deal, I mentioned above. But while most traders were trying to figure out a way to play that opportunity, my readers were able to quietly take quick profits on another company I recommended in the same sector…

When I say “quick,” I mean that we hit our first profit target in less than 5 minutes! The company is called First Solar, Inc. (FSLR), and in a few hours, my readers had the chance to secure a 242% gain on Monday of this week.

Now, I hate to brag, but that’s nothing new for my proprietary trading system. My team and I recently were able to open up my research service for more members to join. But the response has been much bigger than anticipated… so much so that we might not be able to handle any new readers much longer!

So, click here to reserve your spot now.

In the Spotlight: This American automotive giant

Ford is all over the news today. From bringing back the classic Bronco, to their new “Ford Promise, and their latest model reveals – which can get up to 100 MPG, the automotive maker is hoping to find solid footing. And they’re doing a good job.

As the pandemic has tightened its grip on the economy, automakers have been scrambling to find ways to build potential buyers’ confidence. And ford has officially stepped up to the plate with their “Ford Promise program.” This program offers people who buy or lease a new vehicle the option to return the car if they lose their jobs within the first year. On top of this, Ford’s latest Escape hybrid boasts 100 MPGe – an impressive number that is catching many new customers’ eyes. Lastly, the company is looking to compete with Jeep by bringing back its classic Ford Bronco – an American favorite.

As you can see, Ford is taking the steps it needs to gain customer trust and interest. So, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this stock, looking for a short-term play with options to profit off this recent news. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Your midweek money tip…

This one is short and sweet – but essential.

When payday comes around, it’s a good idea to continue to build your savings. Having a percentage of your pay automatically deposited into a separate savings account can make a huge difference.

So, when you set financial goals, every paycheck, you get closer and closer – and before you know it – you’ll be at your goal number, and it took barely any effort on your end.

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