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Play This Call Spread After the June Jobs Report

The U.S. economy just added a record 4.8 million jobs.

Not surprisingly, that’s bullish….and I’ve got a trade.

What’s Happening?

We deserved a nice little bit of news before the long weekend, and we got one.

On Thursday morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a stellar jobs report that boosted the Dow another 200 points.

We added 4.8 million jobs, and the unemployment rate fell too.

Things are opening back up, and we’ve now got two consecutive months of growth to prove it.

I just told my Project 303 subscribers in the trading room that coronavirus has literally nothing to do with the stock market.

Money is going to move no matter what the virus does.

And I happen to think we’re going to see continued shorter-term gains right up until the election.

Where’s the Money?

When you want to take advantage of big, shorter-term moves, you play the VIX.

That’s trading 101.

So I’ve got a call spread for you.

How Can I Get Some?

I would buy-to-open the VIX November 18, 2020 $30 Call and sell-to-open the VIX November 18, 2020 $35 Call, creating a vertical debit spread. Try to get in this trade for less than $1.00.

Risk: $100 per 1 lot

Reward $400 per 1 lot

That’s got some nice time value built into it and you can sit there and watch it rise until election time.

Now, in the meantime, you should grab shorter-term gains, too.

We’ve been looking at some really fast-moving day trades recently in our 1450 Club trading room. Big tech names, people in the chat reporting big gains. (Check out how the room works if you’re interested.)

But day trading isn’t for everyone.

If you want to get your feet wet with a more leisurely approach, you ought to join us pre-market in the Project 303 trading room.

Brand-new trades every Monday, and lots of great Q&A and ideas the rest of the week.

Check out how to join right here.

In The Spotlight:

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